Buffering Issue While Streaming

Hey I am using Mimo Live to stream and here recently I am running into buffering issues. My upload speed (on mimo) is reading 5.6mb, and my upload speed is 15mb on the internet. I feel like that is not my issue.

I am using an iMac to upload the content. The computer has more than enough processing power to run everything. I am getting a low internet bandwith message while streaming, and my local buffer size gram will show an issue every few minutes. Does anyone know why this might be?

I am hardwired into the internet.

I am streaming to Facebook and also streaming using the custom RTMP at the sam time. I feel like the RTMP is my issue, but I am not certain.


Hey Tyler,

Have you tried streaming to the servers separately, one at a time? That could give you some clues as to where the bottleneck is.

Hi Tyler, thanks for using mimoLive! You can try to reduce the bitrate per stream a bit. Currently, internet bandwidth is very variable due to a lot of people using it.