Browser Source always visible in a stuck desktop area

Hello, when creating a browser source it just remains stuck in a portion of the screen in the background.

MACBOOK Pro M1 with 11.5.1 - 16gb ram - 1tb ssd

  • When creating a browser source, a “weird” extra window is created
  • The weird extra windows is greyed out when the interact browser windows is open
  • The weird extra windows is populated with the browser source when the interact browser windows is closed
  • This weird extra window cannot be positioned in the screen but have a strange behaviour because accept interation.
  • The weird extra windows adds up for each browser source added in the session
  • This causes the computer resources to max out quickly when more than 4 or 5 browser sources in the session, so it’s impossible to use
  • Not to mention the issues to have floating unarrangeable weird windows around the desktop

Any ideas? I had this issues since I remember trying out Mimolive since the beginning of 2021, so this not seems to be a specific version update issue, but more an M1 incompatibility issue since Mimolive is still running on Rosetta 2.


  1. Only one browser source with interact activated in the session:
  • You can see a “mimolive” WEIRD window greyed out while the actual normal browser window open

  1. One browser source active without interact
  • You can see a “mimolive” weird window that have now the vimeo site showing up.

Can’t add more screenshot because I’m a new user. But I’m willing to add any details as requested.

These weird windows add up with as many browser sources I add, no matter what I try to do (tried with integrated monitor only, dual monitors, displaylink monitors etc) nothing works, the issue is always there. Example: with 3 browser sources, 3 weird windows shows up and so on.

I’d really appreciate the help on this, because this is the only issue that blocks me to buy MimoLive.

Thanks in advance.


Interesting. Yes, there is an additional window. When I close the preview, the content of the browser source jumps into the “additional window”. It’s similar to the gray window, which is visible, when you open a YouTube video inside of safari in full screen mode, swiping back to the “browser”. I think that this phenomenon is usual for mac os.

Hi @JoPhi thanks for looking out.

Unfortunately the main issue is that every browser source remains always active this way.
That means an absurd resource drain and the impossibility to have more than 5-6 browser source opened in the session. Obviously this depends on the site content, but you get the point.

OBS for Windows is the only sw that is capable of managing as much browser sources as needed, because when not used it just free system resources despite not resetting anything in the page nor reloading or refreshing it.
OBS for mac got the same issue as mimoLive, meaning that even if the browser sources are not visible they still continue to drain system resources.

So, I can understand you point about the macOS behaviour in this matter.

Hope this will change in the future or have a fix, because i like how mimoLive browser source works and it’s really sleek apart from this blocking issues.

I see.

How many browser sources do you show up the same time?

I’d inject the needed URL to the source with Automation before switching to the layer which displays the content.

Thanks for the insight, it’s indeed a Smart and usable idea for some scenarios.

Unfortunately I have a kind of workflow in a particular series of live shows that needs multiple browser sources in various urls always prepped up and ready in a certain point, meaning that I can’t automate an url directly, and these are very fast operation and switches between this various sources during the stream.

And that’s also why I need multiple browser sources opened and ready at the same time.

I agree to the fact that’s a pretty unusual scenario for most users. But for this use case I can’t see a workaround besides using a source in mimolive with a feed coming from OBS that will manage all the browser sources.

I can probably set an automation that switches scenes and sources from mimolive to OBS, This is the only workaround I can think of.

I’d try to implement a hybrid solution. Or I’d buy a mac that is powerful enough to handle more instances of currently 8 bit capturing. mimoLive is a broadcast solution, which uses all available quality. You can - certainly - use material, which is prerendered and/or down calculated by OBS in some kind of quirky mode.