Broadcast your iOS 11 screen with mimoLive Reporter

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>Broadcast your iOS 11 screen with mimoLive Reporter</strong>
           <p><p>The latest version of <a href="">mimoLive Reporter</a> is all about supporting screencast broadcasting in iOS 11. Happy Screencasting!</p>  <ul> <li>Support for live broadcasts from the iOS Control Center. Broadcast destination is always the selected streaming service account in your current mimoLive Reporter show.</li> <li>Stability improvements and bugfixes in the Replay Kit broadcast extension.</li> <li>Fix: Video layer rotates non-portrait movies to the correct orientation again.</li> <li>Fix: Video layer can now play movies that don’t contain an audio track.</li> <li>Fix: Video layer loops consistently now. Some movies made the video layer hang. </li> <li>Fix: Video layer is not silent anymore after switching the audio output device.</li> <li>Change: To avoid confusion, duplicate streaming service accounts are no longer allowed.</li> <li>Fix: Layers don’t disappear from the layer stack anymore when entering the layer edit mode.</li> <li>Change: Direct support of the Streamshark service is no longer available due to changes in the API. Use RTMP server and stream key instead.</li> </ul>  <p><a href="" class="button">Download mimoLive Reporter...</a></p></p>
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how do we do this?

So I can do live video with this reporter App, and I can see the option to start broadcasting the screen in the control centre.

But when I do this ( and get the 3…2…1… countdown ) nothing happens, MiMoLive on the Mac just shows ‘waiting for partner’ in the mimoCall source.

Has anyone got this working yet?

I’ve gotten this to link up on a live broadcast of a football game, however, it is extremely draining on the iPhone battery and was only able to use it for about 10 minutes. Steamed ok but also effected the iPhone system which crashed one phone. Later noticed, after plugging in the iPhone, that it did still have battery life available but something with the reporter system basically confused the phone.

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