Broadcast simultaneously to youtube and facebook

How do I to transmit simultaneously to the youtube and facebook using mimolive? Is it possible?

This is very important, because I have a large audience in the fanpage and also on youtube. It would be very interesting to be able to do this at the same time transmission to interact with both audiences.

@“Dr Milton Moura” Thank you for giving mimoLive a shot.

For multi-endpoint streaming, please use a service like or

Standard disclaimer: As per Facebook Live Terms of service, you are not allowed to stream to other platforms while also streaming to Facebook Live. Please refer to Facebook for more details.

Thank you for your attention.
@“Oliver (Boinx)”
Mimolive and joicaster are compatible? How do I pass the mimolive to joicaster?

@“Dr Milton Moura” You can set up streaming to Joicaster via RTMP. Enter the Streaming URL and the Streaming key provided by Joicaster and start streaming.

@“Oliver (Boinx)”
My transmissions were very good after I started using mimolive.
My friends always ask: How do you do it? I always recommend MimoLive.
I appreciate the attention and today I will test.