Braodcast to Facebook Live & YouTube simultaneously


I’m a new user of MimoLive and formally used Wirecast. Is there a way to broadcast to Facebook Live and YouTube Live Stream at the same time as I could in Wirecast?

Try this:
We’ve not used it yet, but are considering it. We would love to hear feedback from you if you do use it.


Thanks for the recommendation. I tested it out and it works as advertised, but when broadcasting to Facebook I don’t see where it allows you to choose a Facebook Group as a destination, only on your timeline or a page you manage. I will need to be able to go live in Facebook Groups.

Switchboard is the product formerly known as Joicaster.

I have found another solution (although I can only recommend it if you are more technically minded) which is to use nginx-rtmp to setup a streaming relay server, which can push out to multiple destinations simultaneously.

The NGINX module is here:

I found a great guide to setting it up here:

I am running the server on a multipurpose Linux box I have hiding under my desk, but you could easily set this up on a Digitalocean or Linode VPS.

I’m happy to provide more details, but it’s important to understand that it will not create the sessions with all the metadata. It is only a relay for the RTMP stream. You will need to manually create the session on Facebook and then provide the RTMP stream key in a config file.

For me, this is a much better option than Switchboard, as I have a stack of bandwidth and I much prefer to keep the distribution to different services in-house.

Here’s some more detail about how to setup nginx-rtmp.

I replaced the stream keys with dummy values, but here’s the rtmp part of my nginx.conf:

rtmp { server { listen 1935; chunk_size 4096; application live { live on; record off; push rtmp://; push rtmp://; } } }

In mimoLive I use the following for my Ingest Server (that’s my server IP address, yours may differ):


I can enter any string in the Stream Key field.

I am also able to watch the stream from machines on my own LAN, using VLC. If I enter test in the Stream Key field, I can Open Network using rtmp:// to check the stream that I am sending to those push destinations.

@wibbly Thank you for sharing this! We are thinking about providing a Docker container with a pre-configured NGINX for re-streaming and local HLS replay. Would that be a good idea?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” You’re welcome!

There are a couple of docker containers that do some of this already …

This one is pretty basic:

This one has HLS:

But, it would be fabulous to have a docker image that incorporated both rtmp push and HLS … and even better if it had a web interface and/or metadata management for Facebook.

Perhaps it’s something that I will add to my todo list also …

@“Oliver (Boinx)” I’ve recommended wibbly’s solution to a lot of mimoLive users. Seems like a docker container would be a pretty cool way to deploy the solution.

Hi guys,
I’ve been using Cocoasplit for this purpose (
I use the Syphon sender layer as the top layer in mimoLive. Cocoasplit then receives the Syphon information as a virtual camera.
Then you can set up as many RTMP streams as you wish (Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, etc.). Easy as pie!

@profgustavoreis Thanks for sharing this solution.

I need to advise that Facebook Terms of Service does not allow the streaming to other services at the same time as you’re streaming to Facebook, except for if you stream to your own website. (As of March 2017).

@“Oliver (Boinx)” I can only find a reference to this restriction in the section on the Facebook Live API …

Do they regard any streaming to a Facebook endpoint as ‘using the Live API’?

@wibbly The Facebook Live API is used for streaming live to Facebook by all streaming apps, so I guess the answer is yes. But obviously, I can’t speak for Facebook.