Brainstorming: What features should every layer have?

With external scripting and API (and/or QC) you can do really crazy things. Yes, you can see mimoLive like a framework, which executes whatever you want. But there should be also solutions for those who are not able to do this.

could you duplicate the layer with all its variants and go A to B and B to A to get the full layer transition? as a workaround. i agrée à switch to make layer variants behave as new layers might be very useful at times.

If a layer supports transitions between variants, there should be several options, how this transition should run:

  • straight forward
  • speed ramp to 100%
  • speed ramp to 0%
  • smooth in/smooth out


There should also be an option, which allows to do the out-transition (the opposite of force-off) before doing the in-transition. (forced out-transition before “restart”)

These options would be also fine for regular transitions inside a layer(variant).

Intant replay layer

  • Every clip effectively played on air, remain stored or recorder for future repetitions or “best moments”
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Instant Replay is stored inside GPU video ram. As soon as the playheads are available on API (web control surfaces), I assume that this will be possible with “last recording”, which saves everything on disk. I can’t wait for it!!

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It would be great if the MimoLive architecture could be extended so that we could load custom transitions as .QC or .mimolayer or .mimowipe files and this would be set up as a standard file protocol for programming any kind of transition from A to B or “Preview” to “Live” and then it would magically appear as a transition choice in all layers and layer variants that have transition effects to choose from.

It’s really easy for someone with a bit of QC knowledge to make a custom transition and I for one would be happy to make one that has lots of speed ramping choices like Sin In/Quadratic In/Exponential In …