Border/Frame for PIP

Hi All,

I’m evaluating MimoLive as a replacement/upgrade for OBS Studio, but I’m having trouble re-creating some of what I’m used to from OBS. For instance (and this is probably a stupid question)… how do you create a border/frame around a PIP layer? I usually like to add a solid-colored border on PIP layers to ensure they stand out from the background layer… but haven’t been able to figure out how to accomplish this in MimoLive.

Thanks for any input/help!

@RVgeeks Thanks for giving mimoLive a chance.

The “PIP Window” layer has a border setting. It also defines an area to place the pip in instead of coordinates and scale which makes it stay the same size regardless of the format of the video that is pip’d. Does that help?

Hi @RVgeeks !

What you are asking for is not really difficult to make, if you want I can bring you a version of PiP layer with stroke ?

Let me know if you are interested :wink:

@“Oliver (Boinx)” - Thanks! That makes sense. Didn’t see the border setting when I was testing, but that sounds like it will do the trick!

@DaBv - Thanks for the offer. I’ll keep you in mind if I decide to go ahead with MimoLive and need that specific feature! Really appreciate you jumping in to help.