BoinxTV vs. IP-Cameras

I’d like to purchase full version of BoinxTV but i’ not shure it can solve my problem. Can you tell me?
As a source I have 5 or 6 IP-cameras over my country, and they send me data by TCP/IP to my static IP.
And now tell me - can BoinxTV Full capture this data? So can it work with 5-6-7 or more IP-cameras?
The task is to make web-broadcast from this IP-cams, mixing with microphone speech and music, and adding pre-mastered clips to my broadcast.
So main feature is working with number of IP-cameras getting its data from TCP/IP, and send it in my chosen order to web.

Some Axis IP Cameras work, unfortunately there is no compatibility list as we don’t know ourselves. We use the AXIS QC SDK to communicate with them and most work, some don’t. So if they arent Axis cameras, they won’t work. As they work through a specific layer they need to be handled differently than regular cameras. So it might work but I won’t guarantee it. My suggestion: download the free trial and give it a try.

Hello everyone!
I need to buy a camera ip. To have it recognized in a BoinxTV I then take the camera axis? can you give me a link to a videocamera ip?

Thanks a lot!