BoinxTV output as a camera input for iChat or Skype

Is there any software possibility to redirect the BoinxTV’s output to emulate a camera for iChat or Skype input. This would be great for small video conference rooms.

please take a look at
Instead of handing the signal off to a streaming application, you’d hand it off to Skype or so.

Thanks. The problem is no medium size company would implement this as a solution. But if Boinx Software created a virtual camera driver that output could be directed to they would find themselves in every small home business webcast studio, and corporate conference rooms around.

Is there anyway to assign a output device or external monitor? This could provide a method to use as input source via HDMI or Firewire to another system.

Hi David,

I am not sure if I understand your last question.

Sorry. I think you call it Play through. If this can be accomplished via HDMI, then this should be able to be a camera source for Skype and iChat using a second computer. Still learning about your product and capabilities.

Hi David,

Please refer to our Studio Equipment page in the “Video Input” section. You will need a 3rd party hardware to capture the video output from one computer and bring it in the second computer as a video source.

Yes, this is exactly why I have stayed with CamTwist rather than move to Boinx. It would be nice to use Boinx as for Skype or Flash input in video conferences, but not possible without jumping through a bunch of hoops which is bound to affect quality and performance.

Is it possible to build virtual webcam output into boinx as most of the applications available like
Skype , Adobe Connect , Cisco WebEx ,Citrix Go To Meeting , Polycom PVX software ,Oovoo,. Googe Talk , Windows Live Messenger , google hangouts, airtime, ontheair tokbox- any web based video conferencing software( videochat), or site all use webcams and cant recognize a output from a professional camera. Using camtwist to broadcast the signal from boinx makes the video very crappy and adds latency

the only options right now are camtwist & manycam (

it’s mostly a software limitation built into these apps, they weren’t made to see the input boxes / capture cards.