Boinx TV 4 Dru Sound

HI Guys
We are Dru and part of what we do is Yoga & Meditation teacher training.
At present we record the audio & offer these to clients and use our selves for in house training. We offer downloads from the internet.

We wish to expand this to video & see Boinx as an ideal solution, with 2 cameras Over ethernet.
We have been told that you support PTZ IP cameras such as the JVC VN-V685U is this correct.

If so do you know any other IP type cameras I don’t think we need 27x zoom . Would this be a cost effective solution or can you recommend another solution for us to explore.

We would also in future like to offer a live feed.

Thanks in advance

BoinxTV currently only supports some Axis webcams and it is currently more a proof of concept implementation.


So we should rather use dv cameras on remote pan tilt heads?
Do you know of cost effective solutions where we could have 2 cameras also with remote zoom?

I have 2 computers

a mac book pro 2Ghz intelcore i7 quad with 4 gigs of ram
A Mac pro 2,66 quad 2x2.66 Ghz Dual -Core Intel Zeon 5GB ram

Two input 2 cameras is it correct we need 2 cards.
So given this will my above computers be able to do this!