Boinx server down


I am trying to recover my license and download the newest mimo version. Both are failing.

Trying to recover the license, I get “A connection to the Boinx servers could not be established at this time. Please check your internet connection and try again”

The download window for mimo is empty.

Has anyone else this experience? I need mimo during this evening, so I am in a bit of a struggle.


Same issue here, I tried to get my new licence, paid for it, twice, and I m not getting any licence key.

At least, at “recover the license” it is possible to enter the email address, again. But then there is still no key sent via mail. I guess (and hope), they are working on the issue right now.

I tried that too…but nothing happens.
I m on a live event right now and using OBS…MIMO kind of failed hard here.

My apologies for the server failure. We try to keep dependece of our apps on servers to a minimum. When the license is installed, mimoLive works without server interaction.

Server is now fixed again.

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Hello !
The products I bought during the “server crash” are not possible to use. Will you fix that ?
Even if I ask for a license key I dont receive anything.

Hi @louisjean Thanks for letting me know. I have manually processed the orders that were stuck in the queue.

<3 thanks a lot. really

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