Boinx live talks - Split screen (mimoLive)

Guys, it was amazing the show. But… what about this layer?

WOW!! I was looking for in layers on mimoLive but I couldn’t find it.

Where is it?

Split the screen with 1/3 + 2/3… that’s all I need!! How can I do that?

Thank you. We are having great experiences with mimoLIve and we are going to try FotoMagico with our editors to make some videos to use on our news casts!!

Thank you again.

Hello there, @Paulo_Sergio, how are you?

The layer you are looking for is called “Presenter 2D”.
In the “Geometry” section, you can bring the gap and all the insets down to zero and then tweak both crop and downscale until you get the desired result.
The following image shows a suggested Geometry configuration for 2 wide (16:9) sources:

I do daily live broadcasts on my YouTube channel using a similar layout:

You could also build your own “1/3 + 2/3 split screen” using a couple of placer layers and assigning them the same keyboard shortcut, but that would require a little extra effort.


thanks, professor.

muito obrigado mesmo!!! valeu… e fiquei bem feliz em ver teu canal. e mais feliz de ver um brasileiro me respondendo.

obrigado novamente e muito sucesso.


(thank you so much!! I am very happy watching your channel and even more happy that a Brazilian guy answered me.

thank you again, best regards.


Imagina! É um prazer ajudar, ainda mais um conterrâneo! Eu uso o mimoLive desde os velhos tempos de BoinxTV (comprei minha primeira licença em março de 2011) principalmente para os vídeos sobre Matemática que eu publico sob a bandeira do “Estude Matemática” em minha plataforma de e-learning e em várias redes sociais (por exemplo,

A propósito, acho que encontrei seus dois canais:

Muito bacana o conteúdo! Parabéns!


[No problem! It’s a pleasure to help, especially a fellow countryman! I’m a mimoLive user since the good’ old BoinxTV times (I purchased my first license in March 2011) primarily for the Math videos I publish under the “Estude Matemática” flag in my e-learning platform and in several social networks
(for example,

By the way, I guess I found both your channels:

Great content! Congratulations!