Boinx Fotomagico


I’ve been away from photography for quite a while and am just returning. Years ago I used Boinx Fotomagico for slide shows. Is it still a good way to go?


My response is YES. Personally, I love it!! Okay, not really a great answer to a good question, but I guess it depends on what “quite a while” means. What was the last version that you were using? There ARE certain aspects that I would like to see improved (like more than 6 layers per slide, or “click stops” on the timing of animations, fades, etc., or precise placement of elements on a slide…), but personally I think it does a fantastic job of putting a slide show together, along with a soundtrack. Don’t know if YOU know that masks were added, along with the ability to import .png files to create 3-D effects with layers. With some tricky maneuvers you can do a number of interesting presentations. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles for transitions that come with say, Pro Show Gold (for the PC), but I don’t care for all that fluff anyway. Fast spinning titles and text sparkles and twisty images just don’t do it for me. I want something that I can use to assemble a set of images into a nice, professional looking presentation, and so far FotoMagico has worked nicely for me.