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I have paid and downloaded. Cannot find it. Do not have iPad etc.Only iMac and MacBook Pro.
Can I have a refund and download the version for computers?

Unfortunately we are not able to process the refund for purchase you made at Apple. Please login into with your iTunes account you purchased PhotoPresenter for iOS. You will get a list of all your purchases. Find “PhotoPresenter for iOS” and click on “Report a Problem” in that row. Fill out the form (choose “Didn’t mean to purchase this item” from the popup list) and submit it. Apple will contact you about the refund.

Please note that PhotoPresenter for iOS and PhotoPresenter for Mac have quite a different functionality! Sorry for the confusable names!

I have purchased PhotoPresenter iOS and it is great, thank you. However what I really need is an OSX app that does what PhotoPresenter iOS does for adhoc presentations. Which OSX app could be used???