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“just fade the last image over the audio track”: how do I do this? I cannot seem to fade out to black my last image.

@sfmole: because the transition setting is always between the previous and the current slide you have to add a “blank slide” at the end of the show. Now you are able to setup the last transition in your show at this blank slide to a “fade”.

Not a good feature. What happens if I want to fade out the BG music while still showing a scene?

@DesignR You can duplicate the last slide and make a long dissolving transition between the two. If you let end the background music at the first slide it will fade out in the transition to the second (identical) slide. Not a nice solution thought.

This has been so frustrating to me. If I want to use two audio tracks and it doesn’t fit the length of the slides one needs to be able to fade out audio! Is it too much to ask? You can do it in other software why not FotoMagico?