BMD usb-c feed color space

Hi eveyone,
i have experienced some strange behaviours from a couple of BMD devices.
Devices are:

  • Ulrtastudio mini recorde 3g (thunderbolt 3)
  • Video Assist 7" 12G
  • Atem mini pro (usb-c)
  • Web presenter 4k (usb-c)

From web presenter and video assist, i receive feed in my Mac by usb-c connection and recognize of course from mimoLive.
comparing Atem mini pro e Ultrastudio recorder3G, image from web presenter and video assist is “darker”; lot of more contrast related to the original image from camera.
Instead from Ultrastudio and Atem Mini Pro, image is the same.

Anyone had this before?
can guess something related on driver/firmware from these 2 devices.

Any suggestion is welcomed