Unless I am missing something - it would be nice to add a blur to an image whilst in Fotomagico. At the moment I have to blur an image before importing which is counter productive. I like to option click to copy an image above the other and blur out the background. If anyone knows of a way inside FM let me know or consider it a request please.

+1 on adding a blur feature to FM…

Count me in as well! This would really a cool one, particularly used in combo with a snippet.

@“Kurt Rogiers” Thank you for using FotoMagico. The next version will offer more possibilities in that regard with a more modern technology.

That’s the first hint I’ve read about a “next version” – I mean, I would expect there would be a “next version” but now that I’ve actually seen the words, I’ve now got that tingly feeling that “hopefully” something is coming “pretty soon now.” Woo-hoo! :slight_smile:


especially to place portrait pictures (or videos from the smartphone) over the same very blurred picture (or Video)

I hope for version 6 soon. :slight_smile: