Bluetooth Audio

Is anyone else having issues with using Bluetooth as an audio destination. It shows that it is sending sound but nothing is actually sent out the bluetooth connection, iTunes plays fine out bluetooth and Bluetooth seems to work fine as an audio source but not output.

@joshsroka I‘m using Apple AirPods to monitor audio frequently and that works great. What bluetooth device are you using?

@joshsroka I frequently forget to turn the audio monitor output destination live, though…

I made sure it’s live. I’m using the new Rodecaster Pro. It’s great but only has mix minus over Bluetooth and TRRS not USB so I’m trying to get around it.

@joshsroka Yes, the Rodecaster looks like a great device. As far as I understand, the Bluetooth feature of the Rodecaster Pro is for conecting a phone to allow people to “call in” to the mixer. I’m not sure how this would look like from the point of view of mimoLive.

Can you please describe a bit more how you want to wire things up and what you want to achieve?