Blank Slides in FotoMagico

There are blank slides in my storyboard that I can’t get rid of. After deleting some photos, I should only have 23 slides, but the info at the bottom says 49 slides. I can’t delete the blank slides & want to use instant slideshow to sync slides and music.

Do you have and audio file in your slideshow? If the duration of this audio file is longer than your slides FotoMagico automatically adds blank slides at the end of the show. You have to reduce the duration of the audio file in order to make the overall duration shorter. (switch into timeline mode, grab the right end of the audio file and drag it to the last slide of your show)

If this is not the case then please describe your project in more detail.

Yes, I did have music. But I don’t want to make the audio track shorter. I assume that if I do that, the track plays at a faster speed? Even when I extended the duration times for the slides, past the end of the audio; the blank slide didn’t disappear.

I just saw a post from May titled “FM4 adding unwanted extra blank slide” with the same problem. It seems to be a bug that is still being worked on.

Shortening the audio: This won’t speed up the playback, it will just end earlier. On the other hand you can increase the duration of the last slide a bit. Or you can decrease the slide duration of the blank slide at the end to a minimum. You are right, this is a bug and it’s been woking on.

I’m having the same problem. The audio track for my slideshow is 4:56 to accompany 112 slides (which end at the 4:56 mark). Following the last slide, I then see 87 blank slides that extend the total length of the slideshow to over 7 minutes, with all that extra (and nonexistent) audio time being shaded in red. I’ve tried extending the final slide and shortening the final slide, but these extra blank slides just will not go away.

As a note, my audio is locked and does not loop.

Please follow the instructions Achim provided above.