Blackmagic web presenter

I have bought this very nice box. I works perfect in GoToMeeting, Skype for business, ScreenFlow, OBS studio, but it do not show up in Mimolive when I use video as source.

Anyone with experience with this? Any solution if I still want to use Mimolive?

@bjoebirk Thank you for using mimoLive.

We’ve got multiple reports that the Web Presenter doesn’t work in mimoLive. There is no reason why it shouldn’t, as Blackmagic claims it acts like a USB 3 frame grabber, and there are plenty of those working with mimoLive. We’ll investigate and of course, it is our desire to make it work with mimoLive.

@bjoebirk Please can you check how the device is called in other applications (full name)?

@bjoebirk We will address this soon with an update to mimoLive. The problem is that we support the Blackmagic devices through the Blackmagic SDK. To avoid confusion, we’ve “blacklisted” every device with “Blackmagic” in the name from showing up in the list of OS supported devices. Since the Web Presenter can only be used through the OS, we need to white list it. For this, we need to know the exact name it is showing up as on the OS device list. We have sent an inquiry to Blackmagic and hope to get a response soon. If you are able to supply the name, we can make the change more quickly.

Thank you!
It just identifies as “Blackmagic Web Presenter”

How to use webpresenter with gotomeeting
I have webpresenter I wanna use with gotomeeting
Advanced thanks

@Thenes Thank you for posting your question. If you want to use it like this: camera -> webpresenter -> mimoLive -> gotoMeeting, you have to install the virtual camera and choose mimoLive in gotoMeeting as both camera and microphone.

Anyone knows if it works? it displays 2 cameras or one?

The Blackmagic Web Presenter is an HDMI or SDI capture device for one camera. It basically turns any SDI or HDMI source into a webcam at 720p. When you connect it to your Mac, the Mac thinks it has a USB webcam.

It has an HDMI and a SDI video input and with the add-on " Teranex Mini Smart Panel" it works as a video switcher between those inputs. Sorry if my question was unclear but I was wondering if with(or without) that shield the software retrieves both inputs as stand-alone cameras or only the master output. I’m asking because i’m going to rent one

It works very well. You will only see the active camera, the master output, but with the Teranex Mini Smart panel you can easily switch between these, but you can not use both cameras at the same time.

Remember to choose the right resolution for the source, my first test ended with very low resolution.