BlackMagic Output Destination does not recognize Ultrastudio

HI all,

i´m using a MacBook with MimoLive connected to a UltraStudio 4K mini via OutputDestination. All works fine. But when i switch to my MacMini or my other macBook the device does not show up.
i just swapped the exact same cable to the other device and the BlackMagic Output Destination just show NO DEVICE.
Did i miss any driver or something like this. i realy can´t find the issue…

Does ist work with - for instance - DavinciResolve?

or maybe video desktop?

Hi @janweiner My first guess would be that the Blackmagic Desktop Video software isn’t installed or at least not loaded. If it’s an M1, you have to jump through some hoops to get it installed properly…

actually Oliver, I had ZERO issues getting the BMD software/hardware to speak with my M1. Very happy so far