Blackmagic eGPU Pro

Exploring here using the eGPU Pro with ML. Conclusion so far is that as long as you take care to open / use the right monitor for ML it is possible to get fairly good results using the eGPU with multiple camera inputs.

In these tests I am using ML virtual camera output and importing that to Zoom - all driven by the eGPU and on virtual screen on the exteranl monitor driven by the eGPU.

However the CPU has to do a lot of work - I am not quite clear what type of work the CPU is doing and what type of work the GPU is doing.

Here is the result with 4 cameras and no layouts compositions or filters:

I get around 60% GPU load with all 4 cameras live and 37% with only one camera live.

Thanks for posting the tests! I’m glad to hear that the eGPU works now. We think that macOS might be reporting the free GPU memory incorrectly.

The important metric to watch out for is the Actual Render Time in the Render Performance Monitor and if it reports it can render one frame in the time available. In your case it has plenty of time to render the frames.