Blackmagic driver update problem!

After a while without updating my MimoLive I decided to put things in order. As expected, I need to update my blackmagic driver … and then my headache started. For 3 days I try unsuccessfully to update my blackmagic ultrastudio 4k and I have no results. Any BM desktop utility other than 10.9.5 does not identify ultrasound, but the mac identifies it. Any idea ? Is there any procedure to update firmware via thunderbolt other than USB?

@“Beethoven Getulio Marques Junior” I feel with you! Normally, the latest BMD Desktop Video release would automatically update the firmware of the Ultrastudio. But I’ve experienced instances when you first had to upgrade to an intermediate version to be able to apply the latest update. I suggest to contact BMD support to help you figure out what specific sequence applies to your specific case.

Blackmagic support is horrible! I am very frustrated with them! I spent weeks developing a live timing system for car racing and now I can not test with the latest MimoLive version because of Blackmagic! I do not know what to do! Maybe you can help me, I do not remember how to upgrade, does he offer me some window automatically? My ultrasound usb simply updates without warning! Thank you for always being helpful!

@“Beethoven Getulio Marques Junior” First of all, I would love to hear about the live timing system you developed. Maybe you can send me more info by DM.

All I can find on the Blackmagic Design website regarding the Desktop Video software indicates you should be able to uninstall version 10.9.5 using the “Uninstall Desktop Video” app and then install Desktop Video 10.11.4 (if you’re running macOS 10.13 or newer). You should do this without the UltraStudio connected. Then check System Preferences->Security->General to see if it lists some blocked extensions in the lower half of the dialog and allow them to load.

Once your system is restarted, connect only the Thunderbolt cable of the Ultrastudio 4K. After a while, a dialog should pop up on the Mac asking you to update the Ultrastudio firmware.

I tried ! the System preferences don’t show for me and no lucky at this time… the BMD support still making idiots questions and don’t try to solve the problem! When I find a solution I came back!

I Solved the problem… after a clean install of Mac OS everything works great !

@“Oliver (Boinx)” I sent you some comments on private messages! I have managed to solve some of the problems and I’m closer to finishing!