Blackmagic device problem on Mimolive

The new firmware of the Blackmagic devices (like Decklink Quad HDMI Recorder) are not supported in Mimolive.

When is possible to fix it?

I cannot say anything about a “when”, but I’d suggest to downgrade the drivers again (I’m sure you already did.). In past, BMD often changed something which let 3rd-party-usage brick. I sopped upgrading, when a system works. Have you had issues before upgrading?

@luca.baccarini I’m sorry to hear about the troubles. Can you please tell me more about the configuration you’re using?

  • What Mac and macOS version are you using?
  • What version of the Blackmagic Firmware are you referring to?
  • What version of mimoLive are you using?

I did some tests and I understand that the problem is with version 12 and 12.1 of the BM drivers.

PC configuration:

  • iMac (5K 2020)
  • 128 gb ram
  • catalina 10.15.7
  • Mimo version 5.11

Hi @luca.baccarini I’m using Desktop Video Software v12 since it was beta last fall and just did some testing with 12.1 and don’t see any problems. When you launch Desktop Video Setup app from Blackmagic, does the device show up?

@luca.baccarini Can you please be more specific what the problems are? I assumed that with “not supported” you meant they don’t show up in mimoLive. Is the problem of a different nature?