black slide in video in fotomagico 3

I have the following problem. I produce a slideshow in fm3. Then I export it either as web movie or HD movie. One of the slides appears black.
This ist what I done to fix this:

  • I deleted the picture and retried to export: The next picture was black (same index position)
  • I deleted the corresponding slides Entry in the plist
  • I copied the pictures before and after the wrong picture into a new slideshow, then reinserted the missing image.

Nothing helped. So I hope that you can. Exports I made of other slideshows worked without a problem.
Many thanks

Can you please contact support(at) referring this forum post? Please upload your original slideshow FotoMagico document as a zip file somewhere in the internet so we can download and have a look at it. TIA!

Additional Information:
I edited the slideshow by reordering some images (not the affected one), exchanging some images by inserting the new, then deleting the old image. Now another slide gets rendered black.

Do you want me to upload the edited slideshow as well? Can you tell me, if you got the first one?


Every slideshow I create with FM3 has at least one black slide in the rendered movie. My last attempt was a slideshow with 50 slides. 11 of them appear in the movie, the other 39 show black. Did nobody had this problem before?

I have to finish a 20 minutes project until december. But with FM I fear I have backed the wrong horse.

I completed a small project last night with three photo slides and three small videos. Shared it to DVD and got all audio but no video. Noticed there was an update 4.03, updated to that and it worked. I think though the error was from exporting the video from iMovie - while I could see the video when I played the project in Fotomagico, the videos show as black on the actual time line. I re-exported from IMovie and all worked.