Black Magic Mini Recorder into 2021 MacBook Pro

My camera capture workflow used to be camera signal out through HDMI ----> Black magic mini recorder ----> thunderbolt cable -----> MacBook pro thunderbolt port. Once I purchase the new MacBook pro the inputs will be usb 4/thunderbolt ports. I’m not finding a cable with original thunderbolt on one end and usb4 on the other. I understand that there is a thunderbolt to usb4 adapter, but that just adds one more possible failure point I’d prefer not to have.

Is there another method of getting the the camera HDMI signal into the MacBook Pro without significant equipment upgrades that I’m not considering? Right now it’s looking like the adapter purchase is the most likely solution, but wanted to check with this community of experts. Thanks.

Just to let you know my understanding at the moment is that the last generation BMD Ultra Studio Mini Recorders are not supported on the thunderbolt 4 macs. Only the new version the BMD UltraStudio 3G Recorders are supported.

Oh, darn. This is disappointing. Thanks for the feedback.

Okay, so do duplicate my previous workflow, I’d have to purchase updated new BMG Recorders. My question before I do so, is that the most economical way to get HDMI into the new MacBook Pros? Is there another method I should consider?

Hi @alternativeplan If you need multiple HDMI or SDI inputs, I recommend to use a Thunderbolt PCIe enclosure with Blackmagic PCI cards. (Multiple HDMI/SDI Inputs - mimoLive - 5)

It’s not cheap but pays off with less connector problems and cable mess.

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Yeah! A genious solution! I use this for years!

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