Black Magic Cards and SDI Audio

We are testing MimoLive
Question :
We are using a BMD 8K Pro.
There are 16 audio channel embedded in a SDI and I cannot select in Mimo and the source menu other channel than the Ch-1 and Ch-2… I miss something ? Or it’s not possible.

Hi @JLDavid Thanks for giving mimoLive a go!

Currently, mimoLive supports 2 channel stereo sound.

But if the device exposes the 16 Audio channels, you should be able to select channel 9 and 10 (for example) in mimoLive. Can you check if you can see the channels if you’re using an Audio source and select the BMD device?

If it doesn’t work, then we have to file this as a bug, but a possible workaround would be to use LoopBack and map the channels you want to virtual channels.

Hi Olivier
I can see all the 16 audio channel In or Out for the 4 SDI of the 8k Pro with the Mac Application MIDI Audio configurator. But I have only 2 channels in the Mimo Source interface.
I can see the same 16Ch / SDI with other recording application
Configuration : BlackMagic Decklink 8K Pro / Desktop Video Setup 12.4 / MacBookPro 16’’ M1 OS 12.6 / Mimo 6.1.1