Black Magic ATEM Television Studio Connect issue

I have a new Macbook pro with 10.15.5 and I cannot get it to connect with Mimolive 5.5 and a Blackmagic Television Studio. I can control the ATEM with Blackmagic’s software, and it shows on the ip, but when I try to add a ATEM source, it is greyed out. I have put it on different networks, and reset the ip to match different dhcp settings of each network, connected via usb cable, connected directly to the blackmagic with a rj45 cable, and I cannot get mimolive to see it connected.
Again, I can control the ATEM with their software, but I want to control it with Mimolive. Any ideas?

Hi Mark, Thanks for using mimoLive. I assume you’ve got the ATEM Controller add-on?

It talks to the ATEM Switcher through IP for controlling the ATEM. Really the only source of error could be the network configuration or that you haven’t switched the ATEM switcher layer to “live”.

For getting the video into mimoLive, you’ll have to hook up the TVS via SDI through a DeckLink mini recorder, a DeckLink or Intensity card or an UltraStudio device.

im having the same issue, whne i connect to the atem software it works fine but mimo doesnt work, and i am connected through the ethernet so it should work

@sam_white , same subnet mask? Same Gateway?