Bitfocus Companion with Mimolive

Hi all,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to set up a general companion set to control my Mimolive projects. Currently I have multiple projects for each event, which have the same layer sets, but different graphic files.

I see to link a button in Companion, I would have to copy that specific document’s API to the button. This means that the button set I created is only specific to that document.

Would it be possible to create a generic button set to control any of my Mimolive projects? Something similar to what I’d do with X-keys. I’m most probably missing something here, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Gabriel_Ng If your mimoLive document isn’t changing, you can use Layer/Variation indexes instead of the API endpoints in Companion. The issue is of course, if you add layers or variations, the indexes change.

A generic button set is not possible as every mimoLive document is very different.

What you do with X-keys is to configure a Remote Control Surface with the dimensions matching the X-keys. So you still have to create an individual mapping for each document. (If you make a copy of the document, the document ID is preserved – although that might actually be a bug – and so the API keys stay the same and so do the mappings on the Remote Control Surface).

We do have plans to support other keyboards in the same way as we do the X-keys, but the Stream Deck proves particularly challenging as the key mapping isn’t possible in the same way as with the X-keys who behave like a normal USB keyboard.