Bilder don't show up in Browser

Hi there,

My Name is Martin. I am a photographer from Germany and I am looking for a software to create a 1.5hr presentation for a special event next year. That’s why I am trying FotoMagico right now in the Demo Version. From what I see, and since I am working on MAC, I guess the software can deliver what I need.

There is just one problem. I can’t get any pictures to show up in the image browser?!? I activated the Lightroom Library and the folders in the settings. Even if I directly drag and drop a folder in the browser on the right hand side it doesn’t work. Like this the software is useless.

I wonder now if this is a problem of the DEMO Version or in general?!? I would like to know about this before I most likely spent the money on the product.

Greetings from Colombia

Magico 1
Magico 2

Hi Martin, I’m not sure what’s going wrong, but I’m certain it has nothing to do with demo mode. Have you tried the suggestions in the other Thread?

At the beginning FotoMagico asked you to select your Home folder in order to get access to the image files of the Lightroom,Aperture or Photos app database. Did you have done that?

You may fix this if you add your Home folder (or where your Lightroom database and images are stored) as a “folder source” to the image browser in FotoMagico. The reason is Sandboxing: FotoMagico isn’t allowed to access your file system unless you grant it. This was introduced by Apple to protect user data from unwanted access. In your case the system doesn’t allow FotoMagico to access the Lightroom database I believe.

Hi there,

well - I don’t remember any popup asking me for access the Lightroom Library. “Fotos” by the way work. I tried to add the “folder”.

1st: As mentioned before do the folders not show up - so this on neither.
2nd: It doesn’t help much to have the RAW files in the browser - what I want it the developed files -> That is something I wanted to test if FotoMagico will work with the developed pictures and LR-selections. :wink:
3rd: I did a reinstall which unfortunately didn’t change anything.