Big Sur + ML 5.9 + Camera Live issues

Since upgrading to Big Sur 11.0.1 and ML 5.9b1 I have been getting maxed out red zone Render Times when I play videos via screen capture (or window capture).

One thing I noticed is that Camera Live (which I use to input a Canon 5D) takes longer to open and perhaps is using more CPU than under Catalina.

However, the video render time issue also happens when Camera Live syphon isn’t live.

Currently my setup is therefore unable to operate as a production machine.

These screenshots are without Camera Live running - same render time issue with the placer live (even tho Camera Live has been quit) and without that placer live (ie. just the screen capture layer showing a video).

So perhaps it isn’t related to Camera Live. Never had this issue prior with Catalina or 5.8 and I think it was like this when I had Big Sur and 5.8…therefore it seems to be Big Sur issue with ML not an 5.9b bug.

Hope that makes sense and can help you help others :slight_smile:

Camera Live does definitely have an issue tho and I posted on their GitHub. See attached CL during loading and when placer layer in ML using CL simultaneously with a video via screen capture.

Ok, i would have loved to test that for myself but im not on big sur just yet. 5.9b1 seem to work well thus far on catalina. just to avoid any issues ill just revert to 5.8 until.

  1. You can have both mimoLive 5.8 and 5.9b1 at the same time (just avoid running them both at the same time) on your Mac and use 5.8 as a fallback.

  2. The above issue is most likely with Big Sur and not mimoLive 5.9b1.

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I agree. Most likely Big Sur.

Will run 5.8 and see if any difference.

Definitely Big Sur issue.

ML 5.8 same issue as 5.9.

To reiterate the render frame maxes out after a video is playing for a short period of time.

Are others not facing this? Surely screen sharing a video is common use case for ML?

New split screen features are awesome.

Am wondering whether to reinstall Catalina? Or wait for a BS update?

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Yesterday I was testing NDI in and outs in 5.9b

Suddenly, got kernel_task full throttle… was after shutdown one of the computers

16" 2019 MBP and Catalina (not Big sur)

In case that I’m able to replicate the issue, what should I do to obtain a report?

Can you please send me the mimoLive document? You can put it on WeTransfer and DM me the link.

You can post the report here or send it to me via DM. Thanks for your support!

I wasn’t going mad! Finally got this fixed thanks to a user on CL’s GitHub.

Anyone else with similar issue try version 13 Alpha.

Opening quick and CPU back down to ~2% from ~70%.