Big Sur and mimoLive

Just a quick check if anyone has had experience or tested mimolive on Big Sur? Or do we know if it is supposed to be okay?

Just checking before jumping.


if you’re using it on any serious production machine…don’t do it… wait for the .1 release…that is my general suggestion with any new release and any production software! Let others be on the bleeding edge while I sit back with happy clients on the leading edge!

Fair call. Thanks for that.

I would usually do the same, but was checking if any had any more experience.


Blackmagic Doesn’t work on it.

Black Magic Doesn’t work on it.

Hi @Andrew_Quinn Do you have a source for this information?

I have mimoLive 5.8 and 5.9b1 running on Big Sur on my Intel Mac mini. So far, no issues. Blackmagic works (I have a Quad HDMI Recorder card inside a PCIe enclosure), NDI works.

UPDATE: I may have been too optimistic about Blackmagic. It seemed to work but today I can’t select the input device without mimoLive hanging. This is definitely an issue with Big Sur and Blackmagic.

This is not the case for the Apple Silicon Mac. mimoLive works in Rosetta 2 but neither NDI nor Blackmagic drivers are loaded. For this, both BMD and NewTek need to provide updates.

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Hi these responses are really helpful to me.

We produce a weekly livestream and use an iMac 2020 8 core i7 / 40Gb RAM / Radeon 8GB (this runs ML5.8) and a Mac Book Pro 2018. We also use an ATEM Mini for 2 cameras and computer input.

@Andrew_Quinn – I found this on the BlackMagic forums – – Seems that there has been some patches issued.

Regarding the ATEM Mini (and its variants) – – it seems that some intrepid person has jumped and confirms it works.

@Oliver_Boinx – you say you ML5.8 running on BigSur no issues – this is good to hear. Do you use this as a main production machine? How is stability? Thanks!

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I am using Version 5.9b1 and MacOS Big Sur and I am not able to preview or output any video source. I can see the video content in the source window, but it doesn’t preview.

Any suggestions?


@Andrew_John_Harrison Thank you for using mimoLive and reporting here with your findings.

Can you please post a screenshot on what you see (or rather don’t see)?

And send me the document via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar? (If you don’t want to post it publicly here, you can also DM it to me)

See my update in the post above. I have to revise my assessment of Blackmagic support for Big Sur. The ATEM Mini will work as it is not using the Blackmagic software, it is using the UVC driver in macOS. That isn’t particularly great, so I don’t know if it has been improved for Big Sur.

@Oliver_Boinx Do version 11.7 or 12b1 of Blackmagic Desktop Video help in making the Quad HDMI Recorder card work with Big Sur?

Ah, did not see that release. I will download and test right away.

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@Gabriele_LS It seems that the 11.7 Blackmagic software indeed works on Big Sur. I did not do any long term tests to see if there are any memory issues or frame drops but I got an image and it seemed to be ok.

@Oliver_Boinx thanks! I’ll give it a try next week.

I tested it today with the current Desktop Video 12 Beta-Release from yesterday. It seems to work. I do not have long time experiences.

At the security tab, had to tell macOS that I agree to the latest update. That was new for me.

Hello! Thank you for reverting. Here are two different screenshots from a blank template:



I was successfully using the previous production version of Mimolive with no problems. Then when I upgraded to Big Sur (without thinking it through) Mimo stopped working. So I upgraded to the latest Mimo Beta version to see if that would fix it. Nope.

I appreciate you looking into this for me!

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Here are my system details.

@Andrew_John_Harrison Thanks for posting the screenshots. That’s very strange. I’m using Big Sur and both mimoLive 5.8 and 5.9b1 show both the webcam and the iOS device.

Is the little image moving in the small preview?

Yes, the image is moving in the small preview.

@Oliver_Boinx Cameras are not working, however, the Clouds are displaying on both preview and program output. On the other hand, screencapture isn’t displaying in the preview or output.

Any ideas?