Big NDI problems with mimoLive 6.0.2

I’m trying a simple setup with some new Birddog P200 PTZ cameras we got.
The setup is straightforward: 2 cameras connected via CAT6 to a PoE+ switch. Power is provided directly via PoE, and the cameras are only connected via NDI.
Mimolive 6.0.2 runs on a MacbookPro M1 2021 (16"), M1 Pro 10 core, 16GB ram.
A CalDigit TS3 thunderbolt dock is ensuring connection for ethernet and also USB for the iPad (running Mimo Remote).
The mimolive test project is very simple, with just a few layers with slides, and a Video Switcher layer for switching the two cameras.

On some dry runs of many hours in test mode, we ran into some problems.
From time to time, the live feed will disappear on Mimo. When that happens, in the source panel I can see the IPs grayed out in the source cameras (NDI sources), and of course I see black on the Video Switcher preview layer.
If I quit Mimo and launch it again, it’s not solved: only a full reboot will make the pictures live again.

This is what I already checked:

  • When this happens, the cameras are indeed still working: I connected an HDMI cable to each camera and I can see the image correctly, meaning only the NDI live feed is the problem
  • In the same way, the PTZ controller (hardware from Birddog, or PTZ layer in Mimo) will still work, as the cameras are moving. Only the live feed is impacted.
  • perhaps most importantly, if I launch NDI Video Monitor on a second Mac (on the same network), I can correctly access the 2 camera directly in NDI. So it means the NDI feed coming from the cameras is still good.
  • I tried to change the dock (Caldigit TS3 and TS4)
  • The IP range of the cameras and the Mac is the same (10.0.10.x)
  • Router or no router, no change
  • I tried to reduce the NDI bandwidth of the cameras (default is 140MB, I tried 100MB)
  • This seems to happen after a couple of hours from a fresh boot
  • The same setup, with the same project, on an Intel MacbookPro doesn’t seem to have this issue

It would be great to understand if this is a bug in Mimo, or if this is the M1’s fault, or what.
We were planning to use this setup in an upcoming production but I think I will revert to a good old HDMI connection through an ATEM mini for the time being.

I’m of course available to send the project to the devs or to share any useful information.
Thanks for helping!

Hi @fermento I’m sorry to hear about the problem with NDI. Thanks for reaching out.

I think I’ve seen this problem a few times in various scenarios. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but in the cases I had, there was a change in the port number the NDI device used. You can check this when the source device is greyed out if there is a similarly named, not greyed out device in the devices popup with a different port number behind the IP number.

I think this happens when the device drops the network connection for a very short time and then re-registers on the network. The discovery mechanism of NDI still has the old IP/port number so the device chooses a new one. Clearly, mimoLive doesn’t handle this very weil, but that’s because NDI still shows the old source available but just inactive.

Here is what you can try:

  • Check to see if the device has indeed changed the port number and please let me know.
  • Make sure the cameras have the latest Firmware.
  • Install the latest NDI 5 Tools from the website.
  • Download and try mimoLive 6.0.3b1 which has an updated version of NDI.

Please let me know if that changes anything.