Better instant replay please. i beg you

Ive been asking for this for a very long time. We really need a Multicam replay system in mimolive. Is that possible?

Look at this:

And i hate this Programme. That feature alone is breaking my heart.
@Achim_Boinx @Oliver_Boinx

If I were you, I’d design a replay-switcher, based on sets- and WebControl-features: U could set multiple buffering-starts or stops and with the help of sets, you’re able to modify the visible replay-stream-overlay. I think that this option is very flexible. Depending on the power of your system it’s possible to manage and handle instant replay for up to 8 cameras + pgm-out.

Can you assist me with that?

It seems to be that “Instant Replay” was removed by Boinx (but I got informed that it should be there). In 5.4 it’s currently not included (out of the box) :

However, here a file. With this you should be able to setup your instant-switcher with v5.4:

Use it at your own risk. It’s the official layer by Boinx:
You can install Instant-Replay by double-clicking the tvlayer-file.

Notice: This needs LOTS OF GRAPHIC MEMORY!! (10 seconds 1080p30 will need about 2.5GB per camera!)

Afterwards create something like this:
Buffer Start (activates buffer for all cameras and switches replay off)
Buffer Stop (deactivates buffer for all cameras and switches replay off)

Make sure that a Replay of a certain camera pauses the buffer of non replaying cameras, that you’re able to switch between the perspectives.

Make sure that all other buttons activate or deactivate whatever will be necessary to have the result that you’re looking for. Yes, it seems to be complex, but the more cameras you have the more switches and actions are necessary. But in the end it’s a performant switcher that will be easy to use. Hint: Use an empty box-layer to define a status for those actions you cannot track otherwise.

Finally make sure to keep all buttons in sync.

Great help thank you so much.

however i still need more control. to save replayed sequences for a highlight and what not. rewind replay, pause and play replay forward & backward.

Live-replay, -forward, -backward, -pause are possible with the demo (shown above). Push sequences to file(s)/playlist (for later highlight-quick-re-usage) is already requested. I’m sure that Boinx is working on several concepts to make also these new possibilities come true. One of the major upgrades between v4 and v5 was the implementation of multiple recording-options of media-sources, independently from PGM-stream. Also the implementation of layer-sets and the genius (new) features for WebControl.

By the way, you could send the output of a “replay sequence” with the help of the following to an external application like Syphon Recorder to record these replay-sequences: Fiddle it into a playlist for your highlights or reuse it later (for e.g. an other show or while scrolling credits…).

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