Beta 6.5 and beyond issues

Mac Studio M1-MAX 32GB
Document size and cameras 1280x720 59.94P

Decklink duo 2 capture
Sonnet enclosure.

Input sources continually flickering
Preview and program windows are not smooth, visually got frames drop

I don’t if the issues happening because is an older and semi-complex document, created with and older Mimolive versión

Because the issues, I rolled back until Mimolive 6.1.2 and the flickering and frames drop gone, but…
Video playback layer stutter; after a couple recording hours, the frames drop progressively increased (visually and recording), and the streaming got noticeable audio offset.

And last and nasty surprice, when I wanted to use the Zoom source, I realized my licence is not good enough for this functionallity… I helped to tested it, but I can’t use it in real life…

hello? @Achim_Boinx @Oliver_Boinx

Hi, sorry for the issues! Here are some questions that will help us track down the cause:

  • Please can you specify which beta version did you test? (We released 6.5b2 recently)
  • Can you provide a screen recording of the issue? (it may show other important information you don’t know of and therefor you didn’t mention in your description of the issue)
  • Can you email me your document? (Usually “old” documents just work fine because we are updating important data automatically if possible, in rare cases this may not work out but I think this is not the case here, however I want to see if we can reproduce the issue)

Hi @JMVBMW I’m sorry for the radio silence due to my visit to Zoomtopia in the US.

Thanks for testing the beta. As Achim suggested, can you please test again with the 6.5 b2 and get back to us with the results?

I started the test prior the event, with 6.5b2, I get flickering and visually frames drope, not smooth image.
I rolled back testing every Mimolive version, until 6.1.2, where problems seem go, but others appear, like video playback layer stutter (2.54.55) ; after a couple recording hours, the frames drop progressively increased (visually and recording) (3.45.00, even I had to close and open Mimolive), and the streaming got noticeable audio offset (5.02.00)

I sent you the streaming youtube link.

I’ll mount the cameras in home and I’ll make a screen recording with 6.5b2 and the inputs flickering

@Achim_Boinx @Oliver_Boinx mail sent

hello? bump! any new?

Help!! please!! @Achim_Boinx @Oliver_Boinx

Hi @JMVBMW My apologies for the delay in answering. We have not been able to reproduce this. I remember I had an issue like it and it turned out to be the SDI cables. Do you have a chance to try different cables? Of course, the fact that it works with 6.1.2 makes a faulty cable less likely.

So we will assume for now that something isn’t working correctly in mimoLive. Can you please confirm if that flicker is also in a recording or live stream? Or is it just in the multiview?

Also, can you please check the “Source Performance Monitor”, to be found in the Window menu and send me a screenshot of that?

As you said, the flick gone with 6.1.2
The flick happens even with short cables.
I didn’t record or stream with 6.5, because I finally use 6.1.2 when the issue happens.
I’ll connect the set up again and will test it

Hi @JMVBMW That will be very helpful. We continue to try to replicate it and the more we know about your setup the better.

I assume you tried some of the versions between 6.1.2 and 6.5b2? For example. 6.4 also has this problem?

Did you se the video I sent you?

Yes, and the document. The video of the document doesn’t show the Sources column which would be interesting to see. The Source Performance Monitor would tell is if the source is dropping frames or if they get lost during the rendering. The rendering for the Multiview is separate from the rendering that is sent to file recording or streaming, so the info whether the flickering is there as well would help us to figure out at what point the flicker might be happening.

Definitely, it is a blackmagic related driver issue.
With a couple cheap usb capture device, the problem is gone.

My suggestion is a BM driver behavior review.

Yesterday, with other document, the BM input begin to flick and later, Mimolive 6.5b3 hang…