Best Way to Output for Web

I am having trouble outputting a video that works well on the web. I think the older versions had a selection for web, but I don’t see one now. What is the best output for the web.

Do you want to host your movie files on your own? Then you have to deal with lots of aspects: What is the bandwidth of your target client, what file size can they download in a appropriate time? What resolution do you need on your webpage? Does the client has the correct video codec installed? How many video streams can be severed simultaneously from your web server? If you can answer those questions you have to use the QuickTime exporter and set up the export settings manually so that the result matches your needs. On the other hand you can upload the highest quality to YouTube (or any other video serving platform) and embed a player on your website. They already solved a lot of those problems for you. What are your requirements?

I have my own web site and I’m using JM Player. The videos that I have produced in iMovie work fine, but the ones I produce in Fotomajico don’t want to play. I’ve tried various setting and so far no luck. I have tried different setings in Quicktime exporter and so far have not hit on the right one! I have a vimeo account, maybe I should embed them from vimeo. Just wanted to upload them to my site without using another service. Why does the iMovie ones work well with JM Player?


According to this webpage: I would try to use MPEG-4 for video and for audio compression in the QuickTime export dialog. Don’t forget to set the “Prepare for internet fast start” flag. Does this work for you?