Best tool to gather photos for fotomagico from unknown contributors

hello, i am putting together a thank you video for a retiring college coach. the former players are dispersed. it was suggested to me that I use Dropbox “File Request” so that people who have the link may deposit photos and imov files for me to use. is there a way I can point to this library or how can I get the photos down efficiently ? if this is not a good option - does anyone have a better suggestion of how I can get photos/iMov files from people whose names and emails I do not know. the idea is the assist coach and current players would send the link around to people they know. ( i do not have a list of former players and email addresses myself)

The only part of this query that I would address is downloading files to Dropbox and then your suggestion to “point to this library.” Although I have never tried doing that using FotoMagico, I have a strong feeling that it would hinder any slideshow you create running smoothly. FM would have to pre-load the image into memory in order to display it, and trying do that in realtime from a remote site is probably not a good idea. Of course, once you create a slideshow, you COULD create a standalone presentation from it, so all images, movies, and music would be imbedded in the show itself.

Whenever I create a slideshow, I copy ALL FILES that I plan on using to a specific and dedicated FOLDER on my hard drive – that includes all images, movies, and music. It also makes it easy to back up a single folder, rather than grabbing images from here, there, and anywhere else. It also makes it easy to move everything at once from one location to another.

I would suggest that if you create some type of shareable Dropbox folder for people to use to place THEIR images and movies, that you end up copying all of that data to your own hard drive into a folder and have FM link to that folder. It’a a lot cleaner doing it that way.

As for getting files from people whose names and e-mails you don’t know, that’s beyond the scope of looking here for an answer. What I mean to say is, any of us who have difficulty trying to make contact with people we DON’T know would require making contact with people we DO KNOW who happen to know those people who we DON’T know :wink: Good luck on that quest.