Best Presenter for Foto Magic Pro

Hi there,

I am working on a big presentation with Foto Magico. In a few weeks I will talk for 2hrs in front of ± 30000 people. So this is quite an important event for me.

Right now I am looking for a presenter that allows me to use the “Space-bar” and the “Right-Arrow-Key”. This are the two keys I need to make a break and to continue the slideshow when this option is activated in the Software.

I just bought the Logitech R400 which unfortunately isn’t perfectly supported by apple. I can use the arrow keys but no “Space-bar” like button. There are two more buttons on it that serve the “ESC” and some other random key… In case there is no hardware available - do you think it’s possible to change the KEY functions by software or something like this… Logitech Control Center does NOT work on MAC…

Please help…


Hi Martin
Would you mind to share if you managed to solve your problem. I would like to buy the Logitech R400 as well.

Many thanks