Best method to input data...

Im think to improve the live character of my show using arduino… but im not sure how do it…

Can anyone tell me the best method to input the live data on mimolive? is via XML ?

Projects like that

@“Beethoven Getulio Marques Junior” We are very interested in that kind of project. There are many ways to get data into mimoLive, but there is no standard way. The least complicated way is when you can access the data via http.

Can you tell us more about what data you are thinking of?

Well… at this time im looking for 2 points to improve my broadcast system…

  1. a easy way to access a database like a local Mysql open a world of possibilities … very complex stats for sports is a good example… I can call a player number and the mimolive ask to database a lot of info about this player… The http looks great…but how can “ask” for a database on mimolive the specific information about specific player… ok maybe create a http with only the requested information… but bring this option to mimolive will be great

  2. and get live info like wind speed, and use arduino to build a hardware control or sync to a local scoreboard… at my first read about this i found a quartz composer plugin to read serial data from arduino, but i cant test at this time and dont look so fast way.

at my first test i am very happy with the results… its very easy to build a wind speed sensor and put it work on mimolive… at this time i’m work on a wind direction but this will be easy too… my next step is try to make a lap time sensor for a kart race… at this time Im lttle afraid about stability… Can you tell me a little about the http input process and about serial via rs-422 ?