Best Mac Configuration (GPU vs CPU) foe Mimolive

Can you recommend a configuration that would make the most of mimolive’s capabilities? For example, if I plan to use complex and heavy layers and source functions simultaneously as:

  • face tracking sources
  • image resize/crop or other filters
  • following layer with hot cpu face tracking
  • windows capture source
  • lower third with ProRes 4444 background alpha channel
  • 2-4 blackmagic ultra or/and UVC cams or more CAMsources
  • AND simultaneous streaming into a pair of social networks and recording on the hdd

For which technologies is your software most optimized? Which technologies are most effectively used for rendering/decoding/encoding?
Do you use intel quicksync? for nvidia - hevc? for amd - vce?

The things you’re talking about are a healthy mix of CPU and GPU based tasks. So, get the biggest iMac, iMac Pro or Mac Pro (2020) you can afford. RAM is not so much of an issue, 16GB is plenty. You should have an SSD and 1TB is not a bad size for it. Bigger graphics card is always better.

Regarding the technologies that are best supported:

  • Blackmagic Design capture devices such as the DeckLink Duo or Quad give you 4 or 8 HD SDI sources and are very performance optimized.
  • UVC cams are not recommended as the macOS UVC driver is not very efficient.
  • Streaming to social networks is supported by hardware h.264 encoding, recording to disk uses very little CPU and can be done in ProRes. H.264 or HEVC.
  • Rendering is done with OpenGL which is currently supported on macOS with all graphics cards that are used by Apple and also to an unknown degree for eGPUs.

I hope this helps.

Thank you Oliver,
i have mac pro 2013 for sources, lower thirds, splits, filters -> NDI program out ->
to macbook pro 2017 for streams to FB, YT and IG

  1. which macos is more prefereble? Catalina or Mojave?

  2. NDI signal sometimes laggy (with low bandwith = poor quality), but i connect Mac Pro via RJ45 -> 1Gb Router -> RJ45 Macbook Pro. What are you recomend for best connect?

We recommend Catalina.

Can you please check 2 things for the NDI problem:

  1. Are there any dropped frames reported on the Output Destination on the Mac Pro?
  2. Are there any dropped frames reported in the Source Performance Monitor on the MacBook Pro?
  1. Yes, 1,2,3 or more (but there was no sharp increase or dozens of lost frames)
  2. only 2 lost frames in 1 hour of streaming

I tested even on the more powerful mac pro (GPU D500 vs D300) I rented for this test. The number of missed frames on the powerful computer (6 cores, 32RAM, D500) is less than on the previous computer (4core, 16RAM, D300). But again: video does not lag behind, but audio accumulates the lag.

I even came up with an idea to show a commercial video during a broadcast and at that moment turn off and immediately on the NDI to make the audio gaps disappear.

but the audio lagging behind the video signal is growing slowly but noticeably, even off the streams. And it reaches a delay of 10-15 minutes to 1 second…

B) today, right during the installation streaming, after 20 minutes, Mimolive was crashed.

Hi, We’ve just released mimoLive 5.6.1b2 which addresses a number of issues related to sound delays. Could you please check to see if this works for you?

@Oliver_Boinx We noticed yesterday the audio delay which was really annoying for our viewers on 5.6. It varied from 0.1s and up to 5s, depending on the system load.
I’ll try it tonight the 5.6.1b2 to see if it works!

i’d checked (3hours stream to fb & inst). no visible audio async. thanks

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@did Thanks for testing!