Best format for using iPad and projector?

I’m looking for a little help in choosing the best way to create a slide show in fotomagico and present it on a large screen from an LCD projector. I don’t own a laptop but I do have an iPad. My idea was to create the slide show and connect my ipad to the projector using an HDMI cable. I can’t export the show as a standalone because I don’t seem to be able to open the stand alone on the iPad. Other formats seem to compromise the quality too much…the iPad export assumes you want to view the show on the iPad, and that’s not what I want to do. Am I correct that creating an HD movie in h.264 is the best option available to me? That can be opened on the iPad and therefore projected. I would appreciate some thoughts from those who know more about this than I do. Thanks.

If you have FotoMagico Pro you can share your slideshow the “QuickTime Movie” export assistant and set up every codec and quality you (and your iPad) like. Have a look at the FAQs:

Also we have written an tutorial for exporting your show. This may not quite fit your needs here, but contains a lot of information on quality, pixels and framerate:

Anyways: the iPad outputs 1080P via the HDMI cable. I guess the best settings would be to render the show in 1080p, 30fps and in H264 codec.