Best file type

My image files start life as large raw files, then processed through Adobe Camera Raw, and sometimes PS Creative cloud. My output goal is a blu-ray disc (using Toast probably) and–soon I hope–Ulta HD blu-ray disc. Then viewed on a 4K OLED TV with the highest possible quality as the ultimate goal.

What should I import into FM: PNG or PSD? 8bit or 16 bit? I assume the color space should be adobeRGB – right? And then, lastly, I know I will have to scale down the individual file sizes, but to what size or pixel dimension? Did I leave anything out?

Thanks very much

  • FotoMagico is fully color synced which means that it will resect the color space of the given image.
  • FotoMagico will not scale the images. It will use all the pixels you put into it.
  • You should start with a “Custom Dimension” slideshow and enter the amount of pixel you will end up with on the 4K TV screen. Because FotoMagico will tell you if the images are to high in resolution and offers to scale them down ONCE. Please do so only after you finished designing your slideshow because the scale down factor is calculated based on the screen resolution you entered for your slideshow and the zoom factor used for each slide.
  • FotoMagico can read PND and PSD files as well. Usually its just a matter of loading speed in case of a live presentation. If you using FotoMagico to do offline rendering a video file the file format doesn’t really matter.
  • FotoMagico will convert 16 bit images to 8 bit color depth, so you can save your images in 8 bit to save disk space.

Thank you, that helps a lot. (not sure what you mean by “resect the color space”, but will just stay with Adobe RGB.)