Batch add Titles with Placeholders to multiple slides

Just upgraded from FM4 to FM5pro. It looked like the Title batch change features I wanted were there but you can only batch change the title format when multiple slides are selected. You can’t insert a title or populate it with a Placeholder unless you only have one slide selected. If you try to insert a title when multiple slides are selected it just inserts a Title Slide and doesn’t add a title to all selected slides. Seems like you could add the option to add either.

I collect emailed photos of grandkids throughout the year and want to make a quick “year end review” slide show of all of them. I name the files chronologically by date with a short descriptive title as part of the file name. What I’d like FM to do is this. Copy all the photos from the year onto the story board, select them all, and then insert a Title with Placeholder “Image Filename” on all slides as a group. Having to add a Title and then a Placeholder to each slide individually is too much work if you have a lot of slides.

same questions - no replies???

This is the one feature that I would really, really like to see in FM. Otherwise I can go back to Lightroom.