Background color

How do I change the background color on a slide?

You can’t really change the background “color” on a slide, but you can set a .jpg file as a background image. Unfortunately, it is applied to the entire slide show – ALL of your slides have the same image. Create a solid background .jpg image in Photoshop (or other app). Then go to Slideshow > Settings… > Stage and choose the Background image (the .jpg file you just created). If you want to use different background colors for different slides, there is a way around that, but it uses up a layer for each slide. Create .jpg files for each of the background colors you want, and then just use them as the bottom layer for each slide you want to have that color. I think what you’re asking for has been suggested on these forums and it’s on Boinx’s to-do list. It would be nice to be able to change the background color for each slide independently (and easily).