B34 seems very unstable

I finally made a full slideshow in FM b, but it was a very frustrating experience. Not only was there the problem with text boxes I highlighted in another thread, but on occasion I was unable to make changes in the zoom box, edits got lost and I had to do them all over again (notably switching from full screen to fit). The music track has click sounds in it when moving sometimes from one slide to another. All this seems to be completely at random and I have been unable to replicate the errors next time round. I have yet to play the slideshow all the way through or upload it to YouTube.
I found the paths for moving my own snippets, but some of them did not carry over correctly, especially when there is text in them. As I said before, this process needs to be automated, as the average user is not going to want to do all the digging round in the Library folder to find them and move them manually.

Report your issues to Peter in a Beta Feedback message (from the Main Menu > Help > Beta Feedback). It’s the best way to let him know your problems. Make sure you indicate what version of the Mac OS you’re using (Catalina or Big Sur and the version number), along with the type of Mac you’re using, installed memory, etc. Don’t forget, this is NOT a released version and is still in the beta phase. That’s exactly why people like us volunteered to beta test – to point out these problems and attempt to get them addressed and fixed.

If you’re attempting to create a slideshow that is meant to be finalized and working, I’d suggest at this stage to stay in FM 5.6.14. Otherwise, just assume from the start that things you may want to do in FM 6.0bxx may not work correctly.

I did get a finished result eventually in b34 and it did upload successfully to YouTube using the now open Share link. However, I wanted to make further changes, so did them in v5 and uploaded again.
I wanted to try an entire slideshow in v6b, just to get a better feel for it than testing it out bit by bit.

Understood. I’ve been slowly working on a new slideshow as well and incorporating some of the new features of FM 6.0bxx that don’t exist in the previous version. But it’s not one that has to be completed by some date (it’s a personal slideshow, anyway), so I’m not rushing it. I doubt at this stage of development there would be anything added or changed that would cause things NOT to work that I’ve already added – but there are a number of “bugs” in the current beta that still need to be cleaned up.