Automation with Layers

Has Mimo (Boinx) developed an Automated playlist or timeline feature yet? I want to stream live video and then Run my Quicktime commercials over top as another Layer at specific times each day. Is there a solutin for this?

No, there is no solution but, i’m trying on this.

We’ve recently learned that you can use Keyboard Maestro in connection with AppleScript and shell scripts to do this. You can use the Cron system to fire up a script at the required times that makes mimoLive switch on a Placer Layer that plays a Media List Source.

We’ll try to find the time to write up a short doc on how to do it.

@Sam_Paglia1 I updated the documentation about how to use the HTTP API in mimoLive with an example on how to fire up a certain layer every half an hour on the hour by Apple Script (all the way at the bottom):

Does this help?