Automation Urgent

Who can help me with an automation list for a playlist.
I need to launch an advertisement for the Channel every 15 minutes

I’ve been playing with the Automation Layer and it seems like it would be the answer to your problem.

Good Documentation at

Good luck.

I have no idea how to do this: Run an ad every 10 minutes
In combination with a “PIP Window” layer an a “Media Playlist source” containing multiple short advertising movie clips you can playback one advertising every 10 minutes. Make sure to uncheck the “Non-Stop” option in the Media Playlist source. This way each time the PIP Window gets set to live it will playback one ad from the Playlist source and switches itself off. After 10 minutes the next ad will be played back.
I don’t know much about codes, I want someone from the community to help me if they have already done it please

Yes exact there is a problem i am also facing and worrying about it.

@HechosEcuador First, have you managed to set up the Media PlayList and the PIP Layer so that it plays the next thing from the playlist any time you make the PIP Layer live?

Greetings my dear Oliver
I think I need a tutorial for that. If you mean PIP

This will work but it’s a little messy.

You need different layers or layer variants for each advertisement

Then you will need to copy the API Endpoints for each of the layer variants (just the hexadecimal numbers at the end of the string)

Now, comes the messy part, you will create separate automation layers (or variants inside a single one) for every 10 minute intervals.

So each automation layer will have this


Each text for each automation layer will have a different sleepUntil(xx:yy:zz) and layerOn(advertisement API end point value).

So, the values for times will go from 00:00:00 to 23:50:00 for the total of (every hour has 6 advertisement with 10 minute intervals, 24 hours will have 24x6=144) 144 variants of the automation layers including different time values and different API end points of different layers of different advertisings.

If you need this to be done professionally I might also be able to help you. You can do it yourself, the scripting in the automation is limited at this point, I believe the solution I proposed is the most straightforward one.

I hope this helps.


Thank you very much, I solved it very easily. I have every 20 minutes, they are settings. Greetings