Automation Layer v2

Can I get an explanation of the changes to the scripting in the automation layer, I was using it regularly but dont understand the changes. Im sure there was a good reason to change it perhaps that could be explained also. Will the documentation be updated also.

@winnie Good point. We need to update the docs. Let me check with Achim what the changes are.

I cant get v2 to work? V1.32 is in the same doc.

Could you please advise?

Any ideas? My v2 automations later isnt working

neither layerOn or layerON or layerSetRecall



My issue also, I don’t know how to make sense of it.

My work around is to modify the variable what’s pre entered with the layer

getObjectIDByName($placerLayer, “layer”, “Placer 2”)


Once the variable is set you can layerOn and layerOff all you like

Hope this helps

Sorry for the confusion! Here is the major difference between the Automation 1.x and Automation 2.x layers: Because we had trouble recognizing whether a parameter of 2 actually meant the number 2 or the letter 2 (in text), we enforce wrapping all text with quotes “”. Therefore, the layerOn() call now needs to see the quotes as well because the API points need to be represented as text.



ATTENTION: Make sure not to use smart quotes (curly opening and closing) that are sometimes automatically replaced by auto correction in some word processors. The Automation layer only accepts straight double quotes.

This change made it possible to implement the math() command to perform simple calculations and the concat()command to combine multiple texts into one long string (including the automatic conversion of number variables to text).

The list of available commands is listed in a cheat sheet on the right in the preview of the Automation layer. Since the text is small, you may need to expand the preview view using the button in the upper right corner of the preview window.

Extended documentation forthcoming.

If you happen to have the Automation layer version 1.x, it will remain in your document to avoid breaking your existing automation. If you create a new Automation layer, it will be version 2.x. However, you can duplicate the existing layer version 1.x or drag and drop it into other documents, etc.


Great! Thanks “” works perfectly.

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We updated the documentation for the Automation layer script language:

We also set up a GPT at OpenAI ChatGPT to help you out with Automation scripts in mimoLive: ChatGPT - mimoLive Automation Helper

Let me know what you think!