Automation layer help

I am newly learning to use automation layer to create stinger transition.

I have built one with success but for some reason, on a new machine with a new document I cannot get automation even to turn on a layer.

What am I missing?


and I have tried this as well…


simple fix, I did not have remote control enabled in preferences.

Seems odd to tie automation to that check box, but maybe that’s me…

Hi @Art_Aldrich I see your point. The reason for that is that the Remote Control is built on the HTTP API. It would be stranger to ask users to turn on the HTTP API if they just wanted to use Remote Control. And having two switches that do the same but are labeled differently would also cause confusion, especially if switching one would also switch the other. Maybe we should rethink the lable?

Oliver…perhaps having the default as REMOTE CONTROL ON would alleviate some of the issues. Or perhaps an error message when an automation is run and API is off.

I’ve run into this myself in the past.

Hi @lorcott Ah, now I get it. Yes, there needs to be an error message when opening a document with automation layers or adding an automation layer and remote control is off.