Automation layer and Split screen

Is there any way to control the “solo” or “show all” toggles in the split screen layer using the automation layer? I’m trying to use the automation layer to:

  • show a stinger (actually a lower third),
  • turn off the other current active layers,
  • activate new layers

while the stinger is covering all the other layers, revealing the newly activated layers at the end of the stinger.

I have it all working perfectly except I need one of the sources to be soloed at the end of the stinger. If I remember to solo the layer beforehand it works perfectly, but it is a complex show and I’ve forgotten a few times… adding a statement to the automation layer to ensure the appropriate source is soloed would make this perfect.

Any thoughts are welcome!

If you control-click on the Solo switch you should be able to get its API endpoint.

I’ve successfully retrieved the api endpoint for the “show all” button…but after trying clicking many different ways…control-click, two-finger click, shift, command, option … I cannot get the context menu for the solo toggle to appear…just the “show all” button.